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      Get It to Go

      With on-site dining limited, now's the time to order from your favorite Portland restaurants.


      Portland Winter Light Festival

      Brighten your February with glowing sculptures and thousands of twinkling lights.

      COVID-19 FAQ

      Get answers about current travel restrictions.

      Food Cart Finder

      Search 200+ Portland food carts by cuisine, trademark dishes and dietary needs.

      COVID-19 Resources


      While some businesses and attractions remain closed, you can still show your love for Portland.

      Support #PortlandTogether

      Join in supporting local businesses by ordering take-out or delivery and purchasing gift cards and certificates online.

      Experience #PortlandTogether

      Wherever your home is, you can virtually visit Portland with these things to do, watch, hear and experience.

      COVID-19 Resources for Business Owners

      We've rounded up these resources for local businesses to support each other, recover and stay afloat.

      Plan Your Trip

      Use these resources to guide your trip to the Rose City.

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